LC LiftCap®

What is a LiftCap®?  
Mechanical cover lifter including hard cover for swim spas “LiftCap®” - is unique design which utilizes stainless steel arms with dual gas shocks for lifting of 3- section premium hard cover of length from 12’ to 19’ (380 cm to 560 cm).


The LiftCap® was built in 2018 and is inspired by the needs of our swimmers, for whom the handling of the traditional cover is very demanding and the investment in automatic covers is unacceptable. LiftCap® is a quality solution for day-to-day swimming and vendor experience is a guarantee of a sophisticated solution in terms of functionality, quality, insulating capabilities, resistance to swimming pool chemicals and weather conditions and low cost of ownership. As a goal, we have laid down the carefree bathing of our clients and the joy of a simple solution that the swim-spa really deserves.



  • Comes as a complete kit
  • Easy to install on the swim spa’s cabinet or in the floor
  • One adult person open & close
  • No water absorption
  • Safe for kids and animals 
  • Same heat insulation as the standard swim-spa hardcover
  • Made in EU of top selling marine grade material
  • Available in two standard colors – grey and brown
  • 2-year warranty
  • recommended by Hydropool Inc. Canada for Aquasport and Aquatrainer swim-spa

Our new cover has revolutionized the swim spa industry by correcting the number one problem for swim spa ownership – the handling of hard cover.
TheLiftcapdesign creates a complete seal all the way around the swim spa, locking in the heat, lowering energy consumption and cost.
TheLiftcap is user-friendly and designed for a single family member to access the swim spa easily, on a daily basis.
With the use of closed-cell foam insulation, the Liftcap will not absorb water, but remains light and efficient, providing more time for aqua therapy and fitness.
The Liftcap is built to last in all elements and weather conditions; it is fully framed to handle snow load. The top and thread are UV protected and will not deteriorate in direct sunlight. Our covers are manufactured with the highest quality commercial grade materials, providing a strong, durable, lockable safety cover.
Liftcap is all about the customer. We believe in the benefits of aqua therapy and fitness and we proudly manufacture for your family a custom cover, built for your home application and individual needs. We provide three major benefits: one-person accessibility, energy efficiency, and longevity.


Hydropool swimspas

ID# Model Cover size(cm)
LC12 Model 12´fX 381/236
LC14 Model 14´fX 442/237
LC16 Model 16´fX 473/237
LC17 Model 17´fX 533/237
LC19 Model 19´fX 558/236
LC19DT Model 19´DT 574/236


  1. Developed and produced in the Czech Republic
  2. Supplied as a complete kit to stores
  3. Company installed in the Czech Republic
  4. Service and technical support provided
  5. Packing and shipping on demand

Technical info

LiftCap® Cover composition
We use vinyl that is resistant to frost and UV rays, insulating fittings made of high-quality polystyrene wrapped in plastic film, and aluminum profiles that give our products the necessary strength and are resistant to rust.
LiftCap® Lifter composition
We use only stainless steel anchoring, handles and hinges.  The lifter has to be attached to a rigid structure (swim-spa frame, concrete floor, tiles, wooden terrace). Dual gas shocks help to lift the weight of the cover and hold the cover in the open position so it cannot fall down on the swim-spa or swimmer.  

For retailers

  • Inquiry/Order form
  • Installation video manual
  • User manual
  • Shipping
  • Warranty
  • Quality feedback form

Technical support: Antonín Skritek,, tel. +420 777 737 706


LiftCap® 2019 PRICE LIST

ID# Model Cover size(cm) Retail price(€)
LC12 Model 12´fX 381/236 € 5.290,-
LC14 Model 14´fX 442/237 € 5.290,-
LC16 Model 16´fX 473/237 € 5.690,-
LC17 Model 17´fX 533/237 € 5.690,-
LC19 Model 19´fX 558/236 € 5.890,-
LC19DT Model 19´DT 574/236 € 5.890,-

For Hydropool swim spas only.
Supersedes all other pricing.

Prices are to be understood in EUR without VAT, shipping and installation.
Expected delivery time for LC14 and LC17 is 2 weeks from the receipt of 50 % advanced payment and for other models is 6 weeks.

We accept only written orders sent to:


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