FRequently asked questions

     1. How much does it cost and what is included?
Price is around 5 800 euro, depending on the model. It includes a frame-reinforced thermal insulation cover, a stainless steel lifting system with pistons and anchoring material either on the frame and cabinet or in the floor next to the swim-spa. The price does not include transport and installation to the customer, it is solved individually.

2. What LiftCap solves and why should I invest in it?
It’s definitely worth the comfort and the price of the cover with a lifter makes about 10-20% of the pool’s price and at the same time makes the biggest effect – you don’t have to look for anyone else to help you with lifting the thermocover, just open it within 2 seconds and close right after bathing by your own power, you don’t need anyone and the thermal cover is stored safely right away, it doesn’t roll, slip or abrade anywhere.

3. How to install LiftCap at an above-ground Swim-spa?
LiftCap can be attached to the Hydropool swim-spa’s cabinet frame using prepared anchoring metal plates. You need a good drill, screwdriver and dexterous hands for this installation. However, only a skilled locksmith will attach Liftcap to another brand of swim-spa. He would have to make anchor according to the possibilities of the frame.

4. How to install LiftCap in a recessed Swim-spa, what will I need for installation?
LiftCap can be attached to the solid floor around the Hydropool swim-spa using prepared mooring boats. For this installation you will need a good drill, screwdriver, chemical anchors somewhere and dexterous hands. For another brand of swim-spa, the key height is the hem, if it’s not exactly 65mm, it is necessary to prepare the floor or underlay the mooring pumps to this height. A skilled builder will handle the installation with ease. It’s also good to solve it in the project, so that result looks nice.

5. Is LiftCap a suitable cover for a swim-spa even during winter?
Yes, the thermal cover meets the insulation properties of the original classic thermal cover and is even more robust and easy to assemble. Thanks to good insulation, however, it holds snow, which needs to be removed, so that heavy frozen layers do not form, which could damage the structure, surface and insulation.

6. Can I step on LiftCap? 
Unfortunately, that is not possible. The metal frame is just so strong that the cover is self-supporting even in 5m length, but it is not possible to put cover under pressure of any kind.

7. What happens when a small child or dog enters the cover?
If it happens once or twice, nothing will happen. The cover holds securely and closes the water againts child or pet accidentally falling into the water. However, it’s alwaysa good to guide children and pets not to enter on top of the cover, as they can deform the polystyrene core and damage the whole cover.

8. Can LiftCap be equipped with a motor lift so that I don’t have to touch it at all?
We did not deal with this variant in the LiftCap product. For your complete comfort, we have developed the RollCap product, which fullfils the function of opening and closing at simple push of the button. However, it’s soatially and financially more demanding. More info to download here.

9. Is LiftCap secured againts gust of wind?
The lifting system is equipped with a safety position, which is about halfway through the path of opening and closing – in this position, the cover, which is in order, still holds. In case of extreme wind, it is better not to open the pool and secure small locks. It is also good to always have an unused pool closed. The normal wind will not move the cover, but if the conditions change during your bathing, close the pool immediately.

10. What should I keep in mind?
It is definitely a good idea to call in an assembly expert, the right assembly is the basis of success. It is also necessary to handle the cover according to the instructions and avoid exposure to chemistry or stress. If the leatherette or the bottom cover is damaged it is necessary to contact the manufacturer immediately, definitely before the panels are soaked with water and become heavy.

11. How can LiftCap be damaged or destroyed?
The cover itself and it’s surface can be chemically damaged when exposed to chemicals in high concentrations (chlorine, ozone, peroxide, acid…). These substances must be used wisely for water maintenance. Sharp object or heavy weight can also damage or destroy the cover. With proper handling and occasional gentle cleaning, LiftCap can last you for many years. Leatherette cover, polystyrene fillings or pistons are replaceable parts.

12. Can the whole cover be taken away during party?
No, unfortunately it is not possible, it is firmly anchored to the pool or it’s surroundings and disassembly as well as assembly must be performed by expert. It is always good to think about LiftCap’s usage in advance so that the open cover does not obstruct your view or movement, then it will serve you well, provide privacy or shade and will be quickly available for closing the pool.