Patented Swim-Spa thermal cover including lifter

Easy and effective covering for your swim-spa

What is LiftCap®?  
Mechanical hardcover lifter, which includes the LiftCap® unique design that uses a stainless steel lifting mechanism and double pneumatic pistons to lift a three-section custom hardcover with a length of 380cm to 560cm.

LiftCap® was created in 2018 and is inspired by the need of our swim-spa customers, for whom the handling of a traditional hardcover is very demanding and the investment in automatic covers is unacceptable. LiftCap® is a high-quality solution for everyday swimming and the supplier’s experience is a guarantee of a well-thought-out solution in terms of functionality, quality, insulation, resistace to pool chemicals and weather at low acquisition costs. We have set ourselves the goal of carefree swimming for our clients and the joy of a simple solution that the pool of the future = swim-spa really deserves.



  • We supply complete sets
  • Simple installation on a swim-spa cabinet with frame or on the floor
  • Easy handling even for 1 adult – opening & closing
  • Does not absorb any water
  • Safe for children and animals
  • Same thermal insulation as a traditional hardcover for swim-spa
  • Made in EU, using materials for sea enviroment
  • Hardcover is available in 2 standard colors- gray and brown
  • 2 years warranty
  • Recommended by Hydropool Inc. Canada for swim-spa Aquasport and Aquatrainer

HYDROPOOL Specialists in our field since 1991

Our company Canadiana s.r.o. has been on the market since 1991 and we have long been dedicted to the implementation of swimming pools, whirlpools, swim-spas and wellness. Over the years, we have gained a lot of experience, which we used in creating LiftCap®. We placed emphasis on precise design and high-quality materials but also on functionality. The cover must be easy to operate and must meet high demands for thermal insulation. All of that LiftCap® meets.


Our realizations

Satisfaction of our clients always comes first. In the production of LiftCap®, we emhasize every detail. Flawless installation is a matter of course.

“The investment in LiftCap® was the best my husband and I could have done. Thanks to the easy opening of the hardcover, I can use the swim-spa much more often.

Petra N.

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